Author: andrea-gellert

Does the average workday for you sound like hundreds of tasks piled on top of each other? Sure, the life of a small business owner can get hectic at times. Transforming an idea into a […]

When you think about your daily life as a small business owner, what part of your job makes you the happiest? Odds are; your answer doesn’t involve your finances or taxes. Managing your books isn’t […]

Independent contractors or full-time employees – which one is the right choice for your business as you grow? Naturally, each option has its pros and cons, and the answer may be more nuanced than you […]

For one small business owner, negative Yelp reviews might not be such a bad thing. Botto Bistro, the California-based Italian eatery co-owned and operated by Davide Cerretini and Michele Massimo, are actively encouraging patrons to […]

There’s a big argument going on in California regarding the pay offered by small businesses to their employees. Though many small businesses are struggling to pay their employees the $9-per-hour minimum wage (or slightly more,) […]

We think all small businesses are “cool”, but these five New York City-based small businesses are bringing it to a whole new level. 1. Aqua: a cycling studio where the stationary bikes are placed within […]

With Halloween, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, its an easy time to get distracted. To keep you focused, we found these six different “productivity hacks” to help both you and your employees get more […]