Author: gary-fearnall

Canadian businesses owned by women contribute billions of dollars to our economy every year. The number of female-owned businesses has doubled in Canada over the past two decades. Yet women still face potential barriers when it comes to financing their operations, whether they’re looking for a

Entrepreneurs are often more confident about borrowing and investing in business growth during a roaring economy. However, business growth opportunities can present themselves, even during a weak economic cycle.

With no history, no track record, and no revenue, borrowing capital for a startup can sometimes feel like searching for the Holy Grail. Nevertheless, there are options, but they might not be where you expect.

It can sometimes feel like a Catch-22. Part of building a strong credit profile is responsibly using business credit, but obtaining that business credit so that you can responsibly use it is sometimes easier said than done—especially for young companies just getting started.

Most businesses are launched with dreams of future growth. But there are things start-ups and other early-stage businesses can do now to lay the groundwork and prepare for future growth. They can start by building a credit profile that will help them access borrowed capital when the time is right.

A love of accounting is probably not the primary reason most entrepreneurs decide to start a business, but most of us would agree that at least a basic understanding of good accounting and bookkeeping practices is an important part of running a business. Likewise, mastering the ins-and-outs of financing is important