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effective operations

American small businesses are enjoying an overall positive uptick. As noted by Forbes, U.S SMBs entered 2016 with stronger sales growth, improved profitability and upward hiring trends. This [...]

The options available to small business owners, particularly startups, for finding capital are better than ever—but they might not be where you’re looking. Crowdfunding is one of [...]
financing for retail businesses

Like other businesses, many small retail businesses rely on borrowed capital to purchase inventory, buy fixtures, expand, or bridge seasonal cash flow gaps. Financing for retail businesses [...]
friends and family business loans

Friends and family business loans, or financing from friends or family members remains one of the primary sources small businesses of every size use to access capital to fuel growth or [...]

OnDeck loans are secured by a general lien on business assets, but are not dependent upon the value of specific assets—unlike traditional bank loans.
end the year strong

As summer starts to wind down and vacation season nears it’s end, it’s a great time to start thinking about the second half of the year, along with the strategies and tactics you’ll employ [...]
content marketing

Content marketing has become an indispensable asset to many companies. In 2016, marketing teams in the U.S. spent $10 billion on content, while $40 billion was spent globally, estimates [...]