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  Business credit cards are yet another tool that small businesses have at their disposal to help manage their financing needs. But what are they? What are business credit cards? A business credit card provides […]

We’ve already discussed what a business credit score is and how to find it, but what do business credit score numbers actually mean in regard to your business? A business credit score can impact your […]

(For information on OnDeck’s business line of credit product, visit this page.) Our Humpday Help section is designed to provide business owners useful and helpful information about the different types of financing available. Last week, […]

One of the many things that sets On Deck apart from other small business lenders is the fact that our underwriting process focuses far more on the cash flow and health of a business than […]

On Deck Capital is excited to announce the launch of the first ever tools to help small business owners evaluate their credit options and gain insights into how lenders look at their business. Using the […]