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virtual sales team

In today’s mobile economy, workforces are increasingly deployed remotely, and sales teams are becoming increasingly virtual. By 2020, half of full-time employees are expected to [...]
account-based sales

Despite global and local uncertainty, sales were up across the board in 2016, from food and retail to consumer holiday spending. And as noted by CMO, B2B spending is also on the rise as [...]
motivate your sales team

There’s nothing really easy about being on the sales team. They need to convince new clients — often through cold calls — that your product or service is the best for them. It requires [...]
online applications

Technology is changing everything. From the way we make travel arrangements, shop at the department store, hail a cab—and even the way business owners apply for a small business [...]
short-term business loans

When most people think of a small business loan, they think of the traditional five- or 10-year term loans available from the bank, the credit union, or an SBA-guaranteed loan. When [...]
small business loans for women

Women-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs in the United States and account for roughly 40 percent of the small businesses in our country. And [...]
budgeting for the new year | OnDeck

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, cash flow is king, it’s talking about the working capital requirements of a small business. It’s not uncommon for businesses, large and [...]
small business loans

Although traditional business lending has rebounded since the start of the great recession, the recovery has not been as robust for the smallest small businesses [...]
equipment financing

To understand equipment financing and leasing, it’s important to understand what is considered “equipment”. In terms of equipment financing, any tangible asset, other than [...]