OnDeck Term Loans

Invest in your business with loans up to $250,000

Short Term Loans

6-12 month terms

Finance Projects That Have an Immediate Return on Investment

  • Updating or refreshing locations
  • Inventory deals with a quick turnaround
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Seasonal hiring or inventory

Long Term Loans

15-24 month terms

Fund Larger Projects That Pay Back Longer Term

  • Expansion or new locations
  • Large-scale inventory purchases
  • Equipment purchases
  • New product development

* Eligibility for the lowest rates is very limited, available only to businesses with the strongest creditworthiness and cash flows, and typically businesses that have shown an excellent payment history on prior loan products with OnDeck.

Note: Depending on the location of your business, your loan will be originated under either Utah or Virginia law.

Term Loan FAQs

Do I qualify?

  • Companies in business at least one year
  • $100,000+ in gross annual revenue

How do I pay back?

  • Fixed weekly payments
  • Automatically deducted from your business bank account
  • We offer prepayment options, including potential interest reductions. They vary based on our assessment of your business and your credit

How is my rate determined?

  • Your loan amount and rate will be based on our assessment of your business along with your business and personal credit profiles

One application for all OnDeck financing options

Or call a loan advisor at (888) 727-6183


“Each time I took out a loan with OnDeck, the interest rate went down, and I like that I can pay a little off my loan each day. The funding helped me boost my advertising and manage my cash flow.”

Christopher Dutka
Christopher’s Kitchen
Morganville, NJ

Interest rates, terms and amounts vary based on risk assessment and creditworthiness at the time of application. Your loan size, term and rate will be based on our analysis of your business as well as your history with OnDeck, if applicable.


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